PRONAV was founded in 1995 and is privately owned. Today PRONAV is under second generation management with shares being held by the managing partners.

The group's head office is located in Hamburg and consists of PRONAV Ship Management GmbH & Co. KG and PRONAV Schiffahrtsberatung GmbH & Co. KG.

As such PRONAV is fully independent from energy suppliers and offtakers. The management team of PRONAV is supported by highly qualified and experienced employees. The PRONAV team represents expertise in the sea borne transportation of LNG of more than 35 years.

PRONAV is dedicated to serving long term customers with LNG shipping solutions providing all elements required for being successful in the LNG value chain. This ranges from financing and engineering to project management and operations.

Within its 20 years of history PRONAV performed more than 2.100 LNG carrying voyages with 4.200 cargo transfer operations successfully completed - all in a spotless, safe and reliable manner.

PRONAV is taking on its role in the LNG shipping industry with a clear commitment to health, safety, environment and quality. This enables the Company to continuously delivering reliable, safe and economic LNG Transportation to its customers.


Baumwall 3
20459 Hamburg
E-Mail: pronav(a)pronav.de
+49-40-378660 0
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