The crew on board is the most important factor for a safe and reliable operation of any vessel and hence the key to PRONAV's success.

PRONAV is fully certified to provide Crew Management Services to their clients. Actively supplying personnel to PRONAV's LNG carriers, we are ready to serve any type of tankers and dry cargo vessels.

We are used to adapt flexibility to any of our Customer's needs, and it is self-understood that we maintain a dedicated crewpool for each of them.

Our network of Crew Agents located in key sea going countries supports our high quality crew planning, andallows the most efficient management of our recruitment process. We maintain close contact with our seafarers via regular ship visits of leading management representatives, by Meetings ashore on various occasions, and through our local Crew Agents. PRONAV thus achieves an excellent overall performance with a high retention rate.

PRONAV offers excellent career opportunities and steady long term employment for seagoing professionals. Furthermore, PRONAV is running a Cadet programme in order to offer training opportunities to young shipping entrants. In return, PRONAV benefits long term from grooming up loyal and high quality future Command and Officer / Engineer personnel.

By applying stringent selection pcriteria and fair recruitment procedures we ensure that our seafarers have the required skills and qualifications complemented by Leadership skills where required. Periodic appraisals, jut and fair treatment in combination with a close contact to our seagoing personnel are the cornerstones for maintaining a highly qualified pool of dedicated seafarers on board of our ships. In case you are interested to apply for a vacency on board we are happy to receive your application here below.

Job Application

Please feel free to send your application to us by using this form. PRONAV will maintain the security and confidentiality of any person trusted Information. PRONAV will contact you shortly.

Job Application

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